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   About me    

Professionally speaking, I have first worked for several years for the French Bank CCF in Athens and later on I have opened a dance studio, still in Athens. Since 2011, I'm the lucky owner, with my husband Kyriakos, of the vacation complex "Naoussa Bay Villas"  on the island of Paros.
Apart from that , I was born in Paris from parents of four different origins:  Greek-French-Italian-German.


I was raised in Greece but went to a French School, the LFH. 
Studies of European & international law followed in Paris at the end of which I chose to return to Greece, to work and raise my family.


I am the happy mother of two adult children.
I had the chance in my life to travel a lot, following my father who was in charge of the organization of sailing world championships.


Nevertheless I never wanted to live anywhere else than Greece.
What really seduces me about Greece is not what we are used to hear about the country.

It is not only the mild climate, the good food, the beautiful beaches, the extroverted character of Greek people or the history as evidenced by numerous archaeological sites.
All this is true but for me it's deeper than that.
It is the feelings  that Greece creates, the emotion it generates that through this blog I want to share with you hoping to make you want to come  and discover it yourself.


It is the divine light that embraces nature and each of its inhabitants.


It's the warm caress of the sun which seems to shine so differently in Greece.


It's the spectacular blue that paints the sky and the sea.

It's the magical explosion of colours at sunset which seems to arise from the depths of the sea.

It's also the sound, the smell of the sea which leads its eternal dance  nourishing our soul and offering  us an always different, amazing  scenery, depending on its mood.


Its  the brightness of the sky awash with stars when night falls  that makes us want to fall in love.


It is the feeling that reminds us to take time to enjoy life and to be attentive to oneself.
This was the spirit when my husband Kyriakos and I created in 2011 the complex
A very well kept place, luxurioux but also friendly, where everyone feels at home.
We chose Paros because it is an island that brings together all the treasures of Greece that are precious to us.

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